Benefits to you

  • Reduce costs
  • No hardware, middleware, or software to install or maintain
  • Configurability vs. Customization at Implementation
  • Faster Deployments and seamless updates
  • Global accessibility and improved user experience

Choice HR Solutions Partner with Ceridian.

  • Request a straightforward evaluation at no cost or obligation.
  • Schedule a demo of your HR/payroll technologies.

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About Us

Today, more small & mid sized company executives are looking for ways to contain costs, reduce administrative burden and minimize employer-related risks. Our 18 years of hands on experiences in providing Human Resource Solutions for small & mid cap companies, gives Choice HR Solutions a unique perspective on the challenges facing Small Business Executives today.

Choice HR Solutions partners with the best- of- breed companies in the industry to provide a greater flexibility and delivery of service  customized to your specific needs.

We do not subscribe to the one size fits all philosophy, so we make it easy, from an la carte menu, short term project contracts to ASO & HRO services with carve out capabilities, we have the answer.

Your Results

  • Improve cash flow and predictability in operating costs

  • Partnered employer responsibilities and liabilities

  • Save time on non-productive administrative functions

  • Improved focus on bottom line activities

  • Eliminate w.c. down payments and premium audits

  • Provide professional compliance (e.g., payroll, HR, EEOC, IRCA, COBRA, FMLA, FLSA, HIPPA, OSHA, ADA, ADEA, etc.!)

  • Reduce internal accounting costs